For those who make money from online betting, the legality of casinos in the US is a taunting fear. People have made fortune from online casinos but a question lurks in the background: are online casinos legal in the US?

This post will answer the question providing legal evidence to whatever conclusion we make at the end of it all.

The truth on casinos legality in the US

In the US today, there is no existence of a federal law or statute banning online casinos. It can be true that online waging is irreproachably legal in the absence of a law against it. No one has ever been prosecuted or indicted for the offense. In fact there would be no content promoting these casinos with real names of authors if it were illegal.

Catherine Hanaway, a US attorney, admitted before a house hearing that beyond any doubt there is no law against online casino. In her legal practice for years, she recalls with clarity that no case whatsoever on online gambling has ever been tried in a US federal court.

But there is an exception

In extreme conservative states, it is possible to rub shoulders the wrong way with the law in the subject of online casinos. However, trial cases on the same at state level are very rare thus piling more evidence to the argument that online waging is not illegal in the US. In this post I cannot highlight any case that bans online betting in any of the US states.

Understanding Congress ban on online casinos in 2006

In 2006, some news outlets erroneously reported that the US congress had banned online betting and gambling. This would in turn stretch to online casinos. What the 2006 congress law did was to ban the act of banks moving bet money in states where online gambling was illegal. That is clear for you to see no law against casinos was put in force.

A section in the contested law categorically said that none of the sub-chapter should be used to limit or alter gambling in the US. Nothing can be clearer than this. It is legal for online casinos to operate in the US.


With the absence of any law banning online gambling, it can be concluded that online casinos are legal in the US. You will not be running into trouble with authority for the practice of online gambling. However, you should be keen of state laws that may be contrary to our findings in this post.

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